Linnea Capital

Linnea Capital is a privately owned investment and advisory firm. It provides both equity and debt capital for small and medium size companies. Linnea Capital also provides financial advice for companies, their owners and other investors. Linnea Capital’s network extends over the Nordic countries and major financial centres in Europe.

Together with our partners we provide impartial advice on any financial situation related to funding the business’ growth, materialising ownership changes, strengthening of balance sheet or advise in moments of financial distress.

When appropriate, we, together with our partners make direct investments in different forms of capital. These investment decisions require a solid analysis of the business and its financials.

Linnea Capital Oy is owned solely by Timo Leino.

How we operate

We invite you for an introductory meeting, to discuss in confidence your business’ situation. We will give our professional assessment of the relevant alternatives available for you.

If our assessment is in line with your views, we will give you a more detailed proposal and would be ready to start working to create the best solution for you.

Please contact

Timo Leino
+358 50 325 575