Linnea Capital Investments

Nordic Thermo is your logistics partner. Our primary operation area is Scandinavia and together with our reliable partner network we can reach any part in Europe. We are able to transport all kind of goods with a specialisation in thermo-controlled product transportation such as

  • Groceries
  • Medicines
  • ADR-goods etc.

Our services are tailored individually to meet our customers requirements. Our flexible, agile and customer-oriented way to work and 30+ years of experience in transportation and logistics ensures high quality service. We can provide all-inclusive solutions regarding transportation and cool warehousing.

Hyperco is a real estate development company founded by experienced experts, focusing on data centers.

Together with our customers, we build, develop and own the data centers of the future in the Nordic countries. Secure and efficient data centers are necessary for the functioning of our society that is increasingly relying on digital services. Our ambition is to lead the industry in terms of sustainability in design, development and operation. Data centers should run on renewable energy, and the generated waste heat should be utilized to replace fossil fuels in heating the cities of the future.

Korkia is an internationally operating investment and advisory company specialized in sustainable growth. At the core of our business is creating new growth and returns for our customers – with a positive impact. Our expertise and business focus are strongly on areas solving the challenges of sustainable development in our society, such as renewable energy, resource-wise industry and emission-free traffic.

We, Build Care Ltd, have set the goal of developing flexible, innovative coatings with the highest quality of environmental friendly  protection. In addition, together we solve the challenges of our customers with our products. Our patented breathing water insulation technology, which is based on a breakthrough in polymer chemistry, forms the backbone of our company. On drying, a resilient coating of water-soluble REACH-certified raw materials is formed, which can be used to protect a wide range of materials. The non-toxic and easy-to-use ElaProof products extend the lifespan of buildings and structures for decades.

Our company was established in 1990 in Turku, Finland, and we are based in Vantaa (Helsinki area), Finland. Our quality products are made in Finland.

LMCE Group (Lännen Mobile Construction Equipment Group – “Lannen”) is an international provider of smart and mobile multipurpose solutions.  Lannen create machines that do different tasks and operate continuously. The machines are independent in many ways: superior mobility allows the machines to move from one work site to the next, around the work site and over all terrain types. This enables Lannen customers to stay in control of their processes. Lannen brings flexibility to the customer operations. And Lannen help the customers to increase their productivity and fleet utilisation, while reducing costs and environmental impact.